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      Caozhuang Flower Botanical Garden tourist area located at Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. It was founded by Zhongbei Town, which is “beautiful environment of our country”“ flower’s home town of hundreds years” “home town of tuberose”, and began to invest and build from 90s of last century. Zhongbei town has more than 200 years of flowering history, based upon South Canal and fertile soil, it abounds with tuberose、Euphorbia royleana、chrysanthemum and other kinds of plants and flowers from late Qing dynasty, which has been praised as “home country of flowers”. As a result, Caozhuang flower market emerged at this strong historical reason.

      Caozhuang Flower Market was founded in 1995, which is almost 20 years so far; Tianjin Tropical Plants Garden was built and opened in Jun. 2003, which experienced 14 years together with Caozhuang Flower Market, gradually developed as a multifunctional scenic spot, including shopping, visiting, travelling and entertaining.

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